Optimize your affiliate programs to maximize conversions

When you’re promoting a niche in the beginning, you probably don’t know which is which. You probably don’t know which program does a great job converting your traffic. You would not be in a position to know because you’re just starting.

You have to optimize your affiliate programs to maximize conversions. In other words, you have to figure out which affiliate programs actually does best with your traffic. Here’s how I do it.

Run core affiliate programs through an ad rotator

As I’ve mentioned in the previous chapter, you should get all the affiliate programs offering offers involving your niche. You’re going to sort them out later on. Once you got a list of these, you then filter them based on the parameters I’ve discussed earlier.

By this point, you should have a fairly nice list of pre-selected affiliate programs. These have a higher chance of succeeding. These pay well enough. These give you enough freedom for you to optimize them. Whatever the case may be, they are nice and filtered.

If any of these is new to you, please read the previous chapters where I talked about affiliate programs and how you should filter them.

Now that you have your nice list, you’re going to use a WordPress plugin that enables you to rotate the ads for these different affiliate programs. Let the ads run for at least three months. This way, whatever results you get will be statistically valid. You can’t just run your affiliate ads for one month and expect the results to be binding.

There are all sorts of reasons why people may not be buying or clicking through in the space of one month. But three months should be long enough for these statistical patterns to be valid.

Pick the top three 3 affiliate programs

After running your list of affiliate programs through your ad rotator for three months, you should be able to spot the three highest converting affiliate programs. You have to be disciplined about this.

For example, if the top program generated a hundred sales. The second program generated fifty sales, and then the third program generated twenty sales. And the fourth program generated only eighteen sales. Resist the temptation to add the fourth program. You stick to the top three.

Once you’ve identified these top three. You will only run ads for these.

Come up with ad variations for each winning program

Here’s where the magic happens. Since you know that there are top three affiliate programs that convert the best for your kind of traffic, the next step is to not take any of these lying down. You can’t just stop here.

Instead, come up with ad variations for these three programs. Remember, you’re running their ads through an ad rotator. So, you use the element-by-element conversion system I taught you in chapter seven but apply it to the ads for these affiliate programs.

For example, if an ad showed a picture of a woman, show a picture of a man. If it turns out that the picture of the man converts better, show five different pictures of different men with different features. Pick the winner there and keep making variations until you get more click-throughs and more conversions. You have to do this for all the ads you run for the top three converting affiliate programs

This way, you maximize your click-through. You also maximize the amount of money you make per click. Keep making variations on an element by element and an affiliate program by affiliate program level until you reach peak conversions.

In other words, regardless of how many changes you make, if the rate of conversions no longer improves and have reached the ceiling, stop there.

Actively find other offers by these programs

Once you have found the winning offers of these programs and you’ve optimized them, look for other offers that they run that may appeal to your niche. Optimize those using the process above so you can increase the total dollars you make from those affiliate programs.


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